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Do you know Matsu? 

We are Matsugay!

When studying abroad in Tokyo and Kyoto, our founder made up phrases to remember challenging vocabulary. Alexis Atauri is not of Japanese heritage, but wishes to share their appreciation of the experiences they've had speaking the language for more than a decade, living in Japan, and being an ally to those of Japanese heritage all over the world. Matsuge is the Japanese word for eyelashes, and we were inspired to create a graphic, queer lash brand from our favorite phrase to remember the word. "Do you know Matsu? He's gay!" 

Now you can get your custom lash lift or classic Drag Lashes from our online lash bar. Welcome!  


We believe in quality over quantity, people before profits, and the community of drag artistry. Follow our lead by incorporating active habits to invigorate the community around you, be anti-racist, and create beauty in the world that didn't exist before.

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